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Unique’s One of a Design is a boutique graphic design agency. We dedicate ourselves to helping you establish your visual identity. Doing this will create a great first impression with your potential clients. 

Your company’s branding begins with an amazing logo. Then expands to every aspect of your business. Through visual communication, we will boost your company’s message and marketing. We find an appealing way to better inform and motivate your audience. This will boost your conversion rates and sales.
Partner with us to build your company’s identity and brand recognition. Our enhanced designs demand the attention of future clients. When you look good, we look good.
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I absolutely loved my new logo and promo video! Look, colors, fonts all brought out what I was hoping to have! Thank you so much for your keen eye and professionalism. Exceptional talent and turnaround!


If you are looking for professional work that is created from the heart and soul, RoseUnique is the person for you. Seriously, I can't say enough good things about this talented lady. She created a video for me that was by far, creative and beautiful, and would leave anyone who watched it, amazed!


It literally took one brief conversation Unique's One of A Design delivered me and my daughter exactly what we had been visioning. Amazing, professional, and well knowledge in her craft!




product packaging design

Our graphic design agency creates designs that are simple yet powerful. The mind seeks symbolic patterns, but clings to what is easily understandable. Indeed, less is more.


product packaging design

Since the brain processes visuals faster than text, brand aesthetics is important. Design is a form of storytelling. Our drive to do what we do is  out of love for the adventure. The colors, fonts, shapes, and words together makes a compelling story.


business card design

From beginning to end, we construct our designs as a cohesive unit through every phase of development. This makes your brand memorable and creates trust and loyalty.


product and packaging design

With creations that are both unique and specific to your brand. We will provide designs that promotes recognition in potential and repeat customers.


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